Sunday, 22 May 2016

Jang Won Korean Restaurant

Somehow when you Google "Korean Food", it shows you a gazillion pages and restaurants serving Korean BBQ. Korean food is not just BBQ meat! I love the home style dishes of Korean food like soups and stews with rice and noodles. It's so comforting and hearty! SO one weekend I was craving some good Kimchi Jjigae for lunch, so I managed to find one at Chinatown and gave it a try.

The store was very unassuming, very quiet, simple and low key, which is perfect. Family restaurants are supposed to look like that right?

The staff was Korean too, and they quickly seated us down. The menu looked great with loads of stews and soup. I already know what I wanted, which was their famous Kimchi Jjigae. But when faced with the menu, I can't help but order some Mandu (korean pork dumplings) too. Hubby ordered their Beef bone soup.

Like any Korean restaurants, they serve the banchan first. Which is a variety of side dishes. I love family restaurants banchan better because they seem to have more heart and effort in making the banchan. Many big BBQ restaurants usually just give you some kimchi and anchovies. Look at this!

I'm not an expert on korean banchan, but these little dishes are delicious! I could just eat this with a pint of beer and I'm a happy gal. My expectations for the main meal has gone up from just tasting the side dishes!

Finally our soup came! Doesn't look very fancy, but the taste was amazing!

The soup was very rich and flavourful. Perfect with some chewy korean rice. The kimchi was plentiful and the soup was warm and comforting. I'm salivating from just thinking about it now. :P Usually people would add some pork in the soup, unfortunately I could only find ONE piece. The one piece of pork was really tender and delicious, wish there was more... :(

Hubby's Beef Bone soup was out of the world. The soup was very rich and the beef was very tender. The pieces of meat was huge! So it was a pretty hearty meal.

The mandu was okay, the skin was a little too thick and chewy to our liking.

The menu had a wide variety of dishes that I wish we could try, but there were only 2 of us. By the time I finished the soup and rice, I was quite full. But it was such a satisfying meal. Maybe next time we'll try different dishes. :)

44 Mosque Street
Singapore 059522
6532 6949

M-F: 11.30am-2.30pm; 5.30-10pm
Weekend & PH: 5-10pm

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