Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mother-in-law's Pa Mee version 2

My hubby's dialect is Heng Hwa (兴化), which is a little known sub group of the Hokkien clan. In order not to disrespect their tradition, I would say this is a modified version of their Pa-Mee (打面). They always sing praises of their grandmother's pa-mee, but since their grandmother is no longer around, I can only judge by my Mother-in-law's version of the noodles, which is pretty good. Too bad I can't taste the original version!

I previously did a post of this noodles and here it is. But as the time pass, I tweaked it a little here and there, adding ingredients to pump up the flavour in nutritional factor for my babies. Also, I watched the way my MIL cook this dish and copied accordingly.

Now here is the updated version. Hope you like it, cause I sure do!

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