Friday, 25 December 2015

Dancing Crab

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Wanted to eat something different for a change! Cobby once had a cohesion session with his colleagues at this restaurant, so he brought me here on our date day for lunch. I let him do the ordering and this is our lunch!

Combo Bag #02 - SGD$40.00
300g Prawns, 250g Mussels, 250g Clams,
Potatoes, Corn, Sausages with Dancing Crab Signature Sauce (Mild)

After a short wait, the waitress came with a plastic bag and unceremoniously dumped the contents onto the table!

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I've never experience dining like this before. So fun! Disposable aprons and gloves were the only thing else on the table. So it's quite obvious how they want us to eat. All HANDS on deck! Hehehe..

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First of all, the seafood was VERY fresh, very sweet and succulent. The crab meat was very meaty and the prawns were so delicious! The sausages in the mix was also surprisingly yummy. The sauce was not like our Singapore style chilli crab. It's more tomato base, herby and spicy! Surprisingly spicy really, and our order wasn't the most spicy choice! Respect! But I'm glad we didn't order one that was too spicy. I don't want the spice to overpower the sweetness of the seafood!

As much as I enjoyed the meal, it feels a little lacking in terms of substance. There were potatoes in the mix but I still don't feel very full after eating. In the end we ordered a serving of truffle fries, which was quite generous in proportion, so I felt better after having some carbs in me.

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Overall an enjoyable meal. The combo was delicious but I suggest ordering it with something else to make it a more filling meal.

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