Wednesday, 7 January 2015

786 Sabira Indian Muslim Food

It's Sunday again! And it's date day for Hubby and I to spend some time alone while the grandparents watch the kids. For dinner, Cobby decided to bring me to one of his lunch hangouts, 786 Sabira Muslim Food Shenton Way Mee Goreng. I don't know if that's a full name or not, but it sure is long! Driving there, Cobby suddenly said, "there it is" and pointed. What? Where? I only see HDB blocks and a ESSO petrol station where he pointed. He must have been mistaken! But once he turned the car around the corner into the carpark, there it was! A S11 coffeeshop, nestled in the middle of HDB blocks, hidden away from view from the main road. I was thinking, if you don't live or work around here, there's no way you would know there's a coffeeshop here!

Check out my beautiful beautiful dinner!

 photo 20150104_191041_zpsd6487095.jpg

I love Indian food, and Cobby is someone who LOVES Kambing Soup (mutton soup). But he is ALWAYS complaining that all mutton soup is not as good as the one near his old house at Toa Payoh. And he's always whining why the Indian uncle has to retire! So when this guy said that this Kambing Soup is really good, it got my attention.

 photo 2015-01-04191017_zps15bb2095.jpg

I must say, it IS delicious! The soup is flavourful, spicy, peppery and best of all, rich and slightly gooey, like all good Kambing soup should be. The gooey texture came from cooking mutton bones for so long till the cartilage melts into the soup. The mutton pieces inside the soup is also delicious and tender. I can imagine this bowl of awesomeness would be perfect on a cold and rainy day! Well, it wasn't raining, but it's still delicious and makes you all warm inside after we polished it off!

The bee hoon goreng is good too, but honestly I've had better. The Indian rojak is quite good too! The sweet sauce is perfect with the crispy rojak. Next time I've got a craving for Indian food, this would be a great place to go to. Maybe next time I'll try the prata!

 photo 2015-01-04191000_zps05059095.jpg

Oh by the way, if you are there, the ice lemon tea is highly recommended. They brew it themselves and it's delicious!

787A Choa Chu Kang Drive s680787 (Choa Chu Kang)

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