Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Georges By the Bay

I've heard about some restaurants sprouting up at some ulu parts of Punggol. A quick search and The Punggol Settlement came up. So we decided to bring the kids there for dinner. I was surprised at how packed the place was on a weekend! It reminded me of the East Coast Park seafood restaurant area. The place is a 2 storey building where the ground floor are all big chinese seafood restaurants, full of big groups of families waiting for their turn to get seated down for dinner.

Not exactly what I was looking for! I pictured a peaceful dining experience, a bistro style restaurant where I can spend some quiet time with my family. So we quickly went upstairs and found a perfect spot right at the corner. Georges By The Bay is located right at the corner unit of the 2nd floor, so there's plenty of Al Fresco dining area facing the sea. Unfortunately most of the best open air seats were located at the smoking section. The kids were with us, so we sat as near to the open area as we can without needing to suffer the gas poisoning.

The kids shared a fish and chips, which was pretty good. Crispy, flaky, not bad. Hubby and I ordered their signature Georges Burger and we were not disappointed! The beef patty was thick, char-grilled and very tender. Even though it was thick, it was perfectly cooked and soooo juicy. Topped with cheese and bacon, this burger awesome enough. But what surprised us more was the burger buns. It was firm enough to hold the juicy burgers together, lightly toasted so there's a slight crisp around the edges, and the sesame seeds give a nice nutty fragrance. A cherry on top of the sundae!

I guess we weren't expecting to find such a good burger in a little place like this! We had a really nice time. Our seat was facing the sea, the air was nice and cooling after the rain. The kids loved their koi fish ponds and we even got to go to the nearby playground for some fun after dinner. Yes it's more like a sports bar, but the food is good, the environment is pleasant and we all had a good time. When you have 2 kids in tow, it's more than what you can ask for!

3 Punggol Point Road
#02-12 The Punggol Settlement
+65 702 6186

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